1. Go to the M-pesa Menu.

2. Select Pay Bill.

3. Enter Business No. 4090849.

4. Enter Account No. Company Name (OR First Name & Surname)

5. Enter the Amount.

6. Enter your M-Pesa PIN then send.

Contact our Team for any Co-working Space Enquiries.

Tio book your space, you can reach us through our phone numbers or write to this email coworking@careerbridge.coach and we will get in touch with you. Or make inquiries by completing the below form.


2 people and below costs KSh 1,500 +VAT per hour (BDRM)
4 people costs KSh 2,000 +VAT per hour (BDRM)
6 people costs KSh 2,500 +VAT per hour (BDRM)
8 people costs KSh 3,000 +VAT per hour (BDRM)
10 people costs KSh 3,500 +VAT per hour (BDRM)
12 people costs KSh 4,000 +VAT per hour (BDRM)


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