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I not only secured a fulfilling job but also developed valuable skills and confidence.

I had the pleasure of working with Career Bridge when I was facing career stagnation with no future direction. The career coach truly transformed my journey through her coaching and expertise which were instrumental in helping me define my goals and navigate the complexities of the job market. Thanks to the support, I not only secured a fulfilling job but also developed valuable skills and confidence. I highly recommend the services to anyone seeking to enhance their career prospects.

Alice Kamau

Motivation and Mindset Transformed

After the career coaching, there was an immediate change as my motivation and mindset transformed. Within 6 months, I was shortlisted for two jobs, did interviews and was offered both jobs. I had the opportunity to choose the job that aligned to my dream. Before enrolling for coaching, I was lost and desperately looking for help to improve my motivation at work as well as find a new and challenging job opportunity. I was stuck in the same job for over 10 years. Potential employers were not responding to my job applications.I enrolled for the Career Development Coaching programme for working professionals that helped me identify obstacles to my career progression, rebuilt my self confidence and got a better understanding on how to take charge and manage my career. Through career bridge, I was also supported with writing a professional CV and cover letter and Coached on Interviewing Skills.

Lucy Meme

The impact was almost immediate

After receiving coaching, my mindset and attitude towards work changed completely. I have not taken a back seat in advancing my career since then. I feel motivated and empowered. The impact was almost immediate. I was stagnated in a junior role for over 13 years. Through career coaching, cv writing and interviewing coaching, I was able to get a new job at a leadership level with a reputable diplomatic organization.

Margaret Kariuki

A Transformative Journey with Career Bridge Training

I am deeply grateful for the unwavering support and guidance I received from the Careers Bridge team. Their commitment to excellence, combined with a genuine interest in the success of their participants, sets them apart. Within a year of completing the training, I witnessed an impressive ascent through the ranks in my organization. The practical insights gained from the program empowered me to navigate challenging interviews with ease, resulting in not one but two successful job offers. These achievements are a testament to the effectiveness of the training provided by Careers Bridge. I wholeheartedly recommend Career Bridge-Career Training to anyone seeking a strategic boost in their career. 


Franklin Mutwiri

Oral and non-verbal interviewing skills were sharpened

I enrolled for Competency Based Interview Coaching to help me compete for a more Senior/professional position. The career coach helped me to take a broad analysis of my experience, skills and capabilities that would position me as the best candidate for the position. I also learned how to respond to questions, communicate effectively and confidently.Both my oral and non-verbal interviewing skills were sharpened. The coaching ended with 2 Mock Interviews that boosted my confident and at the end I was the successful candidate selected to this position after working in an Associate position for over 6 years.

Ruth Achieng

I effectively transition from university to employment

The graduate career programme by Career Bridge helped me to effectively transition from university to employment. It helped me to define my career goals in a realistic way. I was also able to learn about the 21st century job market and the skills that will enable me to succeed and grow faster in my career. Since then, I have made proactive changes in my career. Always learning faster, taking up new challenges and proposing ideas at work, building strong professional relationships and looking out for growth opportunities.

Gloria Mutethya

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