Career Coaching and Human Resource Management Consultancy


Career Bridge is a Talent Management company anchored on two business pillars; Career Coaching & Human Resource Management Consultancy..


Career Coaching

Through career coaching, we have helped individuals develop their careers with a better understanding of their work experience and work-life, core competencies, talent and skills, leisure and learning which make up the core of individual’s Career Life. We also help our clients review/rewrite their CVs and motivational letters and refine their interviewing skills.

Young people have been supported to make better career choices and successfully prepare for their transition from school/college and university to employment. For Corporates we help them to build high performing teams through career development, employability skills and leadership coaching. Individuals can also benefit from Career Bridge Mentorship club through which they can receive free or subsidized cost from an experienced mentor within their work stream.


Our career coaching model includes one-one/individual coaching, group coaching and corporate coaching.
• Coaching is provided both in-person and online.
• We also provide career management courses to build our clients employability skills and core competencies.


Human Resources Management Consultancy

Our core business areas in Human Resources Management consultancy are:
• People Strategy and Organizational Culture
• Performance Management
• Training and Development
• Talent Sourcing and Selection

Our Vision

To become your global reliable talent management partner providing cutting edge Career Coaching and Human Resources Management consultancy services. 

Our Mission

We seek to help people achieve the highest possible career success through career coaching and help organizations attract and retain the best talent through providing world class HRM Consultancy services.




Coaching experience personalized coaching


Coaching specifially curated seminars

Our Promise


We Deliver High Quality Work

We commit to high quality standards and do our work with professionalism, flexibility, impartiality, and collaboration


We Are Reliable

We are honest and accountable to our clients.


We Are Innovative

We find innovative solutions to your needs and we adjust, adapt, and constantly learn to achieve excellence.

Our Speciality Service Pillars

We are talent management company anchored on these two business pillars


Client Testimonials

Career growth and improved work performance

I have achieved career growth and improved work performance since I received coaching on Career Development. Career Bridge is the place for professionals seeking true personal improvement and career growth. The coaching models are practical and hands-on.

Barasa Sindani

Motivation and Mindset Transformed

After the career coaching, there was an immediate change as my motivation and mindset transformed. Within 6 months, I was shortlisted for two jobs, did interviews and was offered both jobs. I had the opportunity to choose the job that aligned to my dream. Before enrolling for coaching, I was lost and desperately looking for help to improve my motivation at work as well as find a new and challenging job opportunity. I was stuck in the same job for over 10 years. Potential employers were not responding to my job applications.I enrolled for the Career Development Coaching programme for working professionals that helped me identify obstacles to my career progression, rebuilt my self confidence and got a better understanding on how to take charge and manage my career. Through career bridge, I was also supported with writing a professional CV and cover letter and Coached on Interviewing Skills.

Lucy Meme

The impact was almost immediate

After receiving coaching, my mindset and attitude towards work changed completely. I have not taken a back seat in advancing my career since then. I feel motivated and empowered. The impact was almost immediate. I was stagnated in a junior role for over 13 years. Through career coaching, cv writing and interviewing coaching, I was able to get a new job at a leadership level with a reputable diplomatic organization.

Margaret Kariuki

Amazing professional approach

The Career Coach did a great job in reviewing my CV and providing me with Competency Based Interview Coaching including 2 Mock Interviews. In my first consultation, the coach was able to identify the critical gaps between where I was and where I wanted to go and through coaching, I was able to identify my unique combination of strengths and how to bring them out while pitching for a position. Her amazing professional approach and great communication skills made our sessions effective.After coaching I was able to apply and successfully get a professional position with a United Nations Agency.

Rinah Wangila

Oral and non-verbal interviewing skills were sharpened

I enrolled for Competency Based Interview Coaching to help me compete for a more Senior/professional position. The career coach helped me to take a broad analysis of my experience, skills and capabilities that would position me as the best candidate for the position. I also learned how to respond to questions, communicate effectively and confidently.Both my oral and non-verbal interviewing skills were sharpened. The coaching ended with 2 Mock Interviews that boosted my confident and at the end I was the successful candidate selected to this position after working in an Associate position for over 6 years.

Ruth Achieng

I effectively transition from university to employment

The graduate career programme by Career Bridge helped me to effectively transition from university to employment. It helped me to define my career goals in a realistic way. I was also able to learn about the 21st century job market and the skills that will enable me to succeed and grow faster in my career. Since then, I have made proactive changes in my career. Always learning faster, taking up new challenges and proposing ideas at work, building strong professional relationships and looking out for growth opportunities.

Gloria Mutethya

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